Trust is a big thing when it comes to choosing the right gas fitter and plumber.

Here are our top reasons you can trust Plumbing Works to do a professional gas fitting job for you:

All our gas fitters are certified.  This means they have the right qualifications and the right licences to do a professional job.  We also review and monitor our systems and our team to ensure customer satisfaction and the highest safety standards.

We have strict procedures and processes to follow and we take health and safety extremely seriously. Health and safety is an integral part of our company culture. As our gas fitters are also qualified plumbers they instinctively have a greater insight into how it all fits together.

Our strengths lie in being precise and methodical to uphold our standard of excellence.

We only use the best gear to do the right job.  We invest heavily in enterprising solutions that keep us at the top of our game.

Our management systems using advanced technology allows us to run our operations seamlessly, so you don’t have to be burdened with extra costs of getting the job done.

Our pricing is straightforward and fair, and being up front from the beginning you know exactly what you are getting from start to finish.

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