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NaturalFlow Septic Systems / Treatment Plants

  1. Power Free Treatment
    Save – No power required in treatment processes.
    90% less power than standard system on a flat site and no power needed on a sloping site.
  2. Minimal Maintenance
    Save – 75% less maintenance then most other systems.
    Uses natural processes that work and run forever without constant monitoring.
  3. Cost Effective
    Save – Natures active Bio-System – sustainable natural processes that work for you, for free. Producing a high quality, odourless result.
  4. Quiet Bio-System
    Enjoy – uses completely natural processes that mimic the forest floor. No noisy aerators and pumps running constantly (as associated with other systems).
  5. Environmental Care
    Relax – Uses well established and sustainable natural filtration processes to take care of your wastewater, just like ‘nature’ does. Converting solid waste into valuable liquid fertiliser that will greatly enhance you landscape.
  6. Versatile
    Choice – A modular system built to suit your individual needs. From primary through to secondary treatment, your system is designed for your specific site and your particular needs.
  7. Robust & Rugged
    Great – With high resistance to ‘shock’ and ‘intermittent’ loading.
  8. Says ‘Yes to Waste Masters’
    Excite – ‘YES’, at last a system so robust you can have a ‘waste master’ in your kitchen sink, which is not recommended by any other system.
  9. Standard Toilet Systems
    Save – Accommodates and works with all of today’s conveniences including conventional toilets and fittings.
  10. Great for Difficult Sites
    Simple – With only light machinery required, the modular design of the NaturalFlow system, makes it a perfect fit for steep, low soakage and difficult to get to sites as most modules can be Man-handled into place.
  11. Save Your Water
    Free – A precious element in today’s world that needs protecting for the future, so being able to recycle your grey water is a great advantage for you to enjoy, (Ask for more detail re this possibility on your site).
  12. Performance Guarantee
    Peace of mind – You can have the absolute assurance of hassle free sewage treatment, for your site.

Hynds Drainage Systems

Plumbing Works is an accredited installer of Hynds environmental treatment plants as well as standard septic tanks, whether this is for a house or a large commercial rural project, Plumbing Works can take care of the project from OSET design through to installation and commissioning.

Once the system is in, we have trained technicians to maintain the units. We can also assess and replace any component of the system. You may have drip irrigation lines that have failed or a broken pump. We can take care of the lot.

We can maintain any system you already have installed.

Rural Excavation, Farm Roads and Culverts

Plumbing Works fleet of excavators & machines are perfect for over passes, trenching, culverts, wing walls and cleaning gutters etc.

Other services include farm roads, clearing slips and water ways, we can provide the machines, drivers and advice in house.

Dairy Shed Hot Water

BOSCH hot water solution for dairy sheds.

– Plumbing Works offers complete solutions for hot water including gas and solar.
– Heat water fast
– Utilise the suns energy
– Save money
– Use a one stop shop

Water Filteration and Pumps

Plumbing Works has an in house water filtration expert at your disposal who can offer the correct advice.

One of the most common mistakes with water filtration is the incorrect filter is used, either the situation is over-killed or the wrong filter is used for the application.

Plumbing Works has the ability to test water and advise on the correct kind of water treatment to create water fit for purpose.

Call us today to get your water up to scratch for your specific application.

Drain Clearing/Jetting/CCTV

When you want to be confident the job is done to the highest standard, give Plumbing Works a call.  All you have to do is contact us for a quote, we’ll book you in and arrive on time.

We’ve got state of the art gear, including our rigid drain camera and commercial jetter that guarantees to get any problem sorted with the minimum of fuss. We can show you exactly where the problem is and let you know how we can fix it.

Our team of leading technicians are extremely knowledgeable having the right qualifications and experience to give you a quality-conscious solution.  You’ll also be pleased to know we can prevent this problem happening again and again.

There is no need for unexpected expenses or nasty surprises when you get us to come and look at the job.  With us you’ll get an honest answer.

When you choose professional Master Plumbers to do the hard work for you who guarantee all their workmanship – you know you’re onto a winner.

We’re big on efficiency, safety and quality.  With a focus on these three areas you get solid results.

Get in touch today!

We are happy to assist and discuss any plumbing requirements.